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South Devon Youth Jazz!

Founded in 2016, South Devon Youth Jazz aims to provide a pathway for the emerging musician into the world of jazz and improvisation.

As a result of a collaboration between jazz musicians, educators and funding partners, its aim is to provide the young musicians of South Devon with an introduction to playing jazz together in a fun and encouraging environment.

Based in Totnes, the project is based around approximately fortnightly workshops with local jazz tutors Sam Massey and Jade Gall and termly masterclasses with top jazz educators.

There is no strict minimum standard to attend our sessions, but we would estimate that students need to be able to read music to a reasonable extent and be approximately a Grade 2 technical standard on their instrument (but no need to have taken exams).

In addition, we work with funding partners Devon & Torbay Music Education Hubs and the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra to assist with the county’s Jazz Development Programme, delivering outreach workshops in schools and delivering BIG Jazz Days in partnership with regional and national jazz partners.

Since our inception in 2016, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading jazz educators, including:

For more information, please visit the Contact page of the website and get in touch! We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions.